So it snowed 10980982483924 inches over the the past few months. And the crazy thing about Minnesota is that it never melts. Until maybe April/May? That’s what we hear. At least it’s pretty here in Hopkins, MN.

We love Hopkins for its cute shops, local bars and restaurants, and bike trail that goes through town. We went exploring yesterday since it was so pretty outside.

hopkins, mn

hopkins, mn

hopkins, mn

hopkins, mn




hopkins, mn



hopkins, mn

I’m the girl who thought she could move to Minnesota and get by her first winter without snow boots. I’ve been wearing rain boots with 3 layers of thermal socks. Needless to say, I need to buy snow boots.



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  1. Go with Sorels!! I invested in some this year finally (after rockig the rainboots with extra socks look through January) and my toes are so toasty and happy! :)

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  1. […] I have also been LOVING on our little town (Hopkins, MN). There is so much to do here! Any my evening walks are absolutely gorgeous! It’s such a different town than it is in wintertime! […]

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