When I first heard about this family, I would not let myself read more or watch this video (posted below) because I thought it would conjure up a lot of fear in me. After a couple of days, the story still called out to me, and I gathered up enough courage (or call it curiosity) to listen to what this couple had to say.

Although the video depicts two parents grieving over the death of their infant, it left me with a surprising sense of awareness of the life I am carrying in pregnancy. And with that, gratitude.

The most compelling theme of this video is the recognition that their child’s life did not start with birth. It started with conception. From the womb, the infant altered the course of the parents’ lives and made them more joyful. There is no measure for the impact of a life.

I really commend the strength and the faith of this couple. I can sense their closeness with the Lord.

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Davis Family Fund

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