Things I won’t miss about pregnancy…

Not being able to sleep on my stomach

Drinking two 16oz glasses of orange juice within 30 seconds of each other every morning because I just have to have it, then regretting it immediately

Weird brown spots on my face? No one warned me about changes in skin pigmentation…

Strangers touching my stomach

Going to the bathroom at least 5 times each work day

Sore feet at the end of each day

Being out of breath climbing the two flights of stairs at work

Things I will miss about pregnancy…

“Expecting Mothers” parking spots

Not feeling guilty for taking the last open chair in work meetings, leaving everyone else standing

Davey requesting I stop doing the dishes because I’m pregnant…okay, if you insist

Having doors opened for me

Being offered a seat when standing at social events

The calm understanding smiles of other parents when they see I am pregnant

Having my baby with me all the time

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