Fun fact about Kaylee: I was a barista in college. I barely made any money, but I got free coffee and had a blast hanging out with my friends when they came to visit me at work. Kids, this was before the Keurig was invented.

Here are some old photos of the place where I spent most my time:

iced coffee

iced coffee

iced coffee

iced shop

And here’s from the last night at Yellow Kitchen Cafe:

iced coffee

We were cool. Promise.

It was working at Yellow Kitchen Cafe (formerly a Jittery Joe’s in Athens, GA) that I discovered the greatest thing about summertime: iced coffee. I have successfully gotten Davey hooked on it as well, so when we go out running errands on the weekends we stop and get an iced coffee to “make running errands better” (because it does).

I figured I should probably just start making my own so I don’t end up spending more money on iced coffee than on fruits or vegetables or healthy things. Also, it’s really easy.

Here’s what I do:

Brew a full pot of coffee

Stir in sugar and your favorite flavor to your liking while the coffee is hot so it dissolves easily (Torani flavors can be purchased at World Market).

Let sit for 30 minutes to cool down.

Place in refigerator overnight. Enjoy in the morning with your favorite coffee creamer or milk!


homemade iced coffee homemade iced coffee


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