With an interesting turn of events, the past few weeks my life have been largely spent in a car. Out of sheer boredom, desperate text messages were sent to friends and family for recommendations for SOMETHING TO DO. I can only take my thoughts for so long and as it turns out, “so long” ends up being about 30 minutes.

The first podcast series recommended was Serial and O to the M to the G. I was immediately pulled into the storyline of Adnan Syed, a man convicted of murder when he was 18 years old–a murder which he says he didn’t commit. BUT WHY DID THIS PODCAST HAVE TO END!?!

I went through the entire 12 episodes pretty quickly (LOTS of car time, folks) and started looking for more recommendations.

That’s when I came across Fountains of Carrots. Now I just feel like a creepy person because in my perception of my life, I had coffee with Haley and Christy 28 times over and they are my imaginary best friends that are actually not imaginary and have no idea who I am.

Those are my Friday Faves for ya! Let me know of any other podcasts you like because it looks like I have more car time in my future.

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